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Disposition Of Cremated Remain

Funeral Solutions offers a wide variety of options for final disposition of cremated remains.

Though we all have preconceived notions of the appropriate way to conduct a funeral or memorial service - there is, in fact, no specific format that must be followed. A funeral service can involve scattering remains at sea... or transporting remains into deep space. Whether your loved one was an adventurer, a sports enthusiast or nature buff, we make available an unlimited selection of alternatives to suit your personal desire. The choices are all yours.

Life Gem Created Diamonds 

An authentic diamond created from the ashes of your loved one as a memorial to their unique & wonderful life.

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Free Falling Sky Divers or Scattering at Sea

A traditional form of distribution involves the scattering of cremated remains at sea. Charter boat service companies will take a family out to sea, where they can hold a brief ceremony and scatter remains over the water. Skydiver services are also available to scatter remains from the sky.

Living Coral Reefs 

An Eternal Reef combines a cremation urn, ash scattering and a burial at sea into one meaningful permanent environmental tribute to a loved ones life.

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Space Burials

Celestis makes possible a new choice in truly unforgettable memorial services. Cremated remains can be launched into space; to orbit around the Earth; to fly to the Moon; or to travel into deep space.

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Personalized Memorialization

Funeral Solutions offers a wide selection of urns, keepsakes, jewelry, and other unique tributes for your loved one's remains.